Village of Ethics

Since 1909, there have been name-plates on the houses surrounding the prisons in Veenhuizen, with moralistic sayings on them that would remind the prisoners how to be «a good human being».

I asked the current inhabitants of Veenhuizen; what would you have written on your nameplate if you could choose?
Based on conversations that emerged,
I have made a collection of bricks, engraved with a variety of ethics or core values.

With the aim of making the visitor of Veenhuizen reflect on their own ethics and core values, and look at Veenhuizens history in a different way, they would be encouraged to choose one brick- and have it placed in a designated place in Veenhuizen.
I envision a growing path made by the bricks going through the village, creating a timeline and a worldly collection of ethics; truly making Veehuizen a Village of Ethics.

One of the original nameplates in Veenhuizen :
“Order and dicipline”

A  nameplate based on what I could imagine my
generation would choose:
 “Sexual freedom”

“Help eachother”

“Accept everyone”



“Fit and vital”

“Knowledge is Power”